Case Study: IC45AV Centrifuge and Glass Processing Facilities

Interfil IC45AV Self-Cleaning Centrifuge for Continuous operation in Glass Processing Facilities. Cleaner water with automatic discharge of solids. Flow rate 3600 Litres per hour. This installation was setup to remove the fine glass particulate to minimise the down time in cleaning the tanks and give cleaner water at the glass.
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A look at our Magnetic Filtration Drum

Industrial liquids are exposed to a lot of contaminants and toxins, so they need to be routinely cleaned and recycled. Re-using these liquids cuts costs, but if they are inserted back into the manufacturing cycle without being thoroughly cleaned, they will slow down the manufacturing process and might damage your machinery. The type of cleaning…
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Why you should opt for a DieselCraft Water Sensor

Water and oil don’t mix, and this is especially important in the industrial sector. While both water and petroleum-based products are used in the manufacturing process, bad things happen when they occur simultaneously. For example, coolants are frequently used to lower temperatures and maintain the smooth flow of machinery. However, a series of filtration devices…
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