How the Interfil Magnetic Drum Separator delivers the results you need

Coolants are an essential part of any manufacturing operation. They prevent your equipment from overheating, which reduces downtime and ensures better results. However, the coolant itself works under punishing conditions. It is sometimes passed over extremely hot machine parts, and other times it passes through pipes for internal cooling. As the fluid cools down your…
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All about the Multi-Stage Centrifugal Blowers and Exhausters IA3

Blowers and exhausters have multiple functions in the manufacturing industry. They are essential in wastewater filtration, where they can be applied at the beginning stages of filtration. As the wastewater is let into the filtration system, blowers and exhausters pass over the top of the fluid, blowing away the upper layers of foam and surface…
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Interfil High Flow Vacuum Filtration System 6000LPM

There are lots of different filtration devices, and they all serve the same triple function. They separate liquids from solids, dry the solid for easier disposal, and clean the fluid for recycling or disposal. The drier the solid cake is, the cheaper it is to get rid of, so filtration systems cut costs while improving…
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